BrandPost: China Southern Power Grid: Energy supply gets smart with AI

The power line team had one last transmission tower to check on their inspection schedule. It just happened to be on top of a mountain. With no time for lunch, the crew leader and his squad half walked, half clambered up to the summit. It was already 3 pm before they had completed the inspection and scrambled down the mountain, consuming six bottles of water. This is a typical working day for those performing traditional, manual power line inspections. The model hasn’t changed much in 30 years.

This was a story shared by the Deputy Director of the Transmission Management Office of Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid, Wei Qianhu. “One day, we worked out that an ordinary power line worker during his career will walk along enough mountain roads on his patrol route to travel once around the equator,” Wei says. Founded in 1979, Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau (SPSB) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid (CSG). It provides electricity to most of the city of Shenzhen with a total service area of 1,953 km2 and a customer base of 3.05 million.

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