OVD Atlantiz – The OVD Atlantiz titanium watch is a responsive timepiece that will response to temperature changes, while keeping wearers connected to the functio… Source

Mobvoi TicWatch GTH – The Mobvoi TicWatch GTH smartwatch is an impressive piece of health-tracking hardware for consumers looking for an advanced way to keep an eye on t… Source

Swatch Big Bold Bioceramic Next – The Swatch Big Bold Bioceramic Next Watches are one of the latest accessory styles from the brand that aims to balance big style with […]

Pebble yacht – The conceptual ‘Pebble’ yacht is a curvaceous vessel designed by Van Geest Design as an opulent yacht that would offer passengers with … Source

Angry Orchard Gives Bitcoin – Angry Orchard recently expanded its portfolio with the introduction of the new limited-edition Green-17 pack. The festive new beverage arrives ju… Source

nft artwork – Takashi Murakami is known for his vibrant anime-inspired pieces and collaborations with celebrities and luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton, and now… Source

Hop Valley Brewing Company – According to a recent survey,  70% of Americans admit to posting bitter posts on social media. In an effort to make the Internet a less […]

WOW 101 Ghost Superbike – The conceptual WOW 101 Ghost Superbike has been designed by Cameron Bresn as an ultra-modern two-wheeled transportation solution that maintains a d… Source

LC23 Armchair – The LC23 Armchair boasts an unusual design, thanks to colorful feet that take the form of sneakers. The design by Italian fashion brand LC23 includ… Source

Dom Pérignon Lady Gaga – Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga teamed up to celebrate the spirit of creation, reinvention and dedication to craft through a collaboration that include… Source

Beefy Burger Boi – Beefy Burger Boi is a popular TikTok channel from creators Anthony Kaplan and Michael Vanacoro, who use the platform to promote their love of fitne… Source

electrified concept vehicle – The Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept Vehicle is designed for 2025 as a flexible transportation option for drivers that would offer them an enhanced w… Source

superstar sneakers – adidas’ iconic Superstar sneakers have been remixed many times over but not quite like the one-off pair created for Estonian musician Tommy C… Source

Sexy Flanders – Kidrobot is continuing its ongoing partnership with The Simpsons franchise with the release of the ‘Stupid Sexy Flanders 8” Vinyl Figur… Source

Bud Light Seltzer Pizza – To poke some fun at the influx of new hard seltzer flavors that have hit store shelves ahead of the year’s warmer months, the Bud […]

March 2021 Autos – These examples of March 2021 autos range from rugged luxury concept cars to K-Pop-inspired vehicle designs. While designer Rafał Czaniecki’… Source

Boosocki and Birds Aren't Real – The comedic sock brand, Boosocki, and activist movement, Birds Aren’t Real, recently joined forces to launch a collection of socks that pay h… Source

Beautiful Kitchenware – Beautiful Kitchenware, a new brand by Drew Barrymore and Made by Gather Founder and CEO, Shae Hong, introduced a range of high-performance, thought… Source

Strawberry Cheesecake Bake – The social media platform TikTok has become a source of inspiration for aspiring “foodies,” and the latest recipe to go viral comes fro… Source

March 2021 design – The March 2021 design trends showcase artful approaches to different forms of function, construction, collaborations, and more. Many designers push… Source

Stapler Mold Prank – While most still haven’t been able to return to the office with the ongoing pandemic, JELL-O is looking to bring back an element of the comra… […]

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Nature's Cereal – The TikTok user @Natures_Food recently generated notable attention with his viral video, appropriately titled ‘Nature’s Cereal.’ … Source

March 2021 lifestyle – Many of the March 2021 lifestyle trends are products or services that bring convenience or added functions to the consumers’ existing routine… Source

Sleeping Bag Pillow – Campers want to have everything they need for their outdoor adventures but in a way that’s as efficient as possible that allows them to pack … […]

glow moisturizer – KORA Organics’ new Turmeric Glow Moisturizer boasts an ultra-hydrating formula that’s designed to address everything from hyperpigmenta… Source

Honeycomb Pasta – Anna Rothfuss, a TikTok content creator who goes by the name ‘@bananalovesyoutoo,’ recently became a viral sensation for creating the &… Source

Volvo Haven – Vehicle design is shifting full-steam towards a digitized experience, so the Volvo Haven concept car imagines a different kind of experience for pa… Source

Valentino Crochet Sneakers – Luxury fashion retailer Valentino Garavani recently unveiled a crochet sneaker made out of woven fabric. The unique and eye-catching shoe was desig… Source

April Fool's Marketing Campaign – The beginning of April marks April Fool’s Day, a time when many brands release faux products or services as a marketing ploy and this list […]

Justine Eats – TikTok has become a platform where many health-conscious consumers seek inspiration for meals and baked goods. Notably, Justine Snacks, a “fo… Source

sticker campaign – As vaccine rollouts face fierce public opposition in the US, branding firm Fuseproject launches a pro bono “just vaccinated” sticker ca… Source

Hummer EV SUV – The 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV has been announced by the automotive brand as the second model of the revived vehicle lineup that is focused on […]

candy campaign – There’s a new candy campaign from Sour Patch Kids and it speaks specifically to mischievous TikTok users who are gearing up for April Fool&#8… Source

drinkware collection – The CORKCICLE x Star Wars Drinkware Collection has been unveiled as one of the latest collaborations from the two brands to offer avid science fict… Source

Crispy Smashed Roasted Potatoes – At-home cooking has grown tremendously in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Many are looking online to find easy and delic… Source

NoMad camping trailer – The conceptual ‘NoMad’ camping trailer has been designed by Studio ABIBOO as a travel accommodation solution for digital nomads and exp… Source

Oscar Mayer Bacon Scented Laces – The Oscar Mayer Bacon Scented Laces have been unveiled as a follow-up to a pair of bacon sneakers that were recently rereleased by the […]

artful denim – Disney works in collaboration with Keith Haring and Levi’s on a new collection full of artful denim designs. The trio launch a set of Levi&#8… Source

Flowy Fitness Shorts – TikTok is a social media platform that has many products explode, and one recent example comes from Keiki Kona, a fashion label that recently had i… […]

Seiko Prospex 'Arnie' Watch – The Seiko Prospex ‘Arnie’ Watch is a modern interpretation of the timepiece worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger—the 1982 Hybrid Diver&#… Source

Genesis X Concept – The Genesis X Concept was showcased by the brand as a new model that highlights futuristic technology, a sophisticated design and more for drivers … Source

marshmallow flavor – Green Giant teamed up with PEEPS to create an unusual new marshmallow flavor for April Fool’s Day that recognizes cauliflower as a key ingred… Source

Xupermask – The Honeywell x will.i.am ‘Xupermask’ is a collaboration face mask created to transform perceptions of essential face coverings and off… Source

APEMAN HD Projector – After the viral TikTok video showing how the APEMAN HD Portable Movie Projector can display stunning landscapes on your wall, the product quickly b… Source

Hyundai M.Vision X – The Hyundai M.Vision X is a futuristic communal transportation concept that imagines a new way for passengers to get around town in a safe yet shar… […]

jerky cologne – Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is celebrating April Fool’s Day this year with a rather unique giveaway, allowing its fans to enter for a chance… Source

April 2021 Pop Culture – Pop culture often shapes consumer buying behavior through its influence on media, celebrities, and politics and the round of April 2021 pop culture… Source

Prep Deck Meal Prep Kit – The Prep Deck Meal Prep Kit saw a 44% sales increase after the product was showcased on a viral TikTok video for its efficient […]

Subaru Outback Wilderness – The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness has been unveiled by the brand as its most rugged and capable version of the namesake Outback model yet to help […]

Crunchies – Fans of Carvel Ice Cream’s chocolate Crunchies were treated to individual boxes of the dessert topping as a limited-edition breakfast cereal…. Source

voo store – Located in Berlin, Voo Store is the go-to place for the world’s highly luxurious and most sought-after brands—from Prada and Margiela to Gm… Source

Nosame Shower Head – Nosame Shower Head recently gained popularity with a 156% sales increase thanks to a viral TikTok video that praised the device’s ability to … Source

Formula E Diriyah – Formula E, the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, will light up the streets of Diriyah, Saudi Arabia for the third year in a row […]

Zoomsie – On April 1st, strategic communications and marketing agency Peppercomm introduced the world to the Zoomsie, “the world’s first integrat… Source

Issued by Bottege Veneta – In January, Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta left all social media platforms but it is exploring new ways of connecting with its community thro… Source

Nice Shirt. Thanks! – “TikTok made me buy it” is now viewed as a cultural phenomenon as random products instantly become viral and sell out. One such company… Source

CyberLandr pop-up camper – The CyberLandr pop-up camper is a telescoping camping attachment for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck that would add in a multifunctional space to liv… Source

NFTs and Avatar Content – Champion Athleticwear recently joined forces with Tafi to create a Spring 2021 collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) and Samsung Galaxy’… Source

2-Person Camping Tent – The Star Trek: TNG Shuttlecraft Justman 2-Person Camping Tent is a sci-fi-inspired solution for avid campers that will offer them a cozy, compact a… Source

Willows Sunglasses – Willows is a new sunglasses brand that several TikTok creators recently profiled for their unique design. Instead of armbands, the sunglasses have … Source

Lamborghini E_X – The conceptual Lamborghini E_X has been designed by Andrea Ortile as a transportation solution that imagines the future of the automotive brand as … Source

WOODEN LINK 01 – The WOODEN LINK 01, a modular rug concept, was designed to reduce the industry’s environmental impact while allowing consumers to customize t… Source

Match Me If You Can – Pepsi recently introduced Pepsi Mango as a new permanent flavor and the unique fusion of cola and juicy mango is being celebrated with a […]

TogetHER Video Series – In celebration of Women’s History Month, Instagram for Business recently launched a new video series dubbed TogetHER that shares three female ent… Source

Bugatti Vitesse superbike – The conceptual Bugatti Vitesse superbike has been designed by Patrick Pieper as an ultra-modern motorbike that will offer riders a decidedly stylis… Source

Weighted Napkin – Following the launch of Pizza in Bed, the Mini Patio Sets, and the Singing Pizza Boxes, Boston Pizza recently expanded its portfolio with the intro… Source

pikachu tokyo – Tokyo Banana is known for its delicious banana-shaped sponge cakes and most recently, it introduces a lifestyle item in the form of the Pikachu Tok… Source

Sparked app – Capitalizing on the number of people staying home due to the pandemic, Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team is hosting a closed … Source

Audi NEXT TT – The conceptual Audi NEXT TT has been designed by doinnext_cong as a friendly sports car model that draw inspiration from a 90s model to offer a […]

face the future – ‘Face the Future’ is a transformative film that uses an amalgamation of faces to show how the ANDYs Jury has changed through the years…. Source

Say Bye to Basic – NSYNC’s Lance Bass has teamed up with Fruit Smash hard seltzer to introduce fans to the Say Bye to Basic hotline. Through the hotline, elig… […]

LACMA and Snapchat – The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and Snapchat teamed up to create five monuments in augmented reality on the Snapchat camera. The LACMA… Source

seiko and evisen – Seiko and Evisen work in collaboration on a capsule of watches that are designed with a skate culture theme in mind for the warmer seasons of […]

Cartier SolarBeat Tank Must – The Cartier SolarBeat Tank Must timepiece has been unveiled by the brand as one of its latest watches that will provide wearers with a decidedly […]

Hotel Xcaret Arte – Hotel Xcaret Arte is an homage to the best Mexican artists. It has 900 adults-only suites inspired by the artists of Mexico’s culture. The design… Source

Tambour Carpe Diem – The Louis Vuitton Tambour Carpe Diem watch is one of the latest timepieces from the high-end fashion house that is focused on providing fans and co… […]

Best RFID Blocking Card – The VAULTCARD RFID Blocking Card protects against contactless credit card fraud and was created by the brand’s parent company, Vaultskin. The tec… Source

Oris AquisPro Date – The Oris AquisPro Date timepiece is one of the latest models from the brand that will offer avid divers with a competitively priced accessory that&… Source

picnic experiences – Ahead of National Picnic Day this year, Fairmont Mayakoba is introducing a luxurious picnic experience aboard the Van Dutch Yacht. The first-ever L… Source

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Pompeak Sub-Aquatic – The Pompeak Sub-Aquatic is the latest style from the timepiece brand that will provide wearers with an accessible option when it comes to diver wat… Source

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