Sondors Metacycle – The Sondors Metacycle is a new take on the classic motorcycle that will provide riders with a relatively low-cost option that is stylish, emissions… Source

toast from afar – Miller High Life is helping fans celebrate the holidays safely this year with toast from afar champagne coupes. The brand created custom Holiday Co… Source

KPOP DIET PLAN – The K-Pop Diet Plan app was designed to help users make healthy eating choices like that of their K-Pop idols. These idols include Jennie from Blac… […]

car care app – Carfax Canada, a company that specializes in collecting, collating and reporting vehicular history for motorists, car dealers and the automotive in… Source

queso-themed couch – Velveeta is running a Twitter contest in Florida that ended on December 16, where two Miami Dolphins fans were selected to win a queso-themed couch… Source

compact electric car – Japanese automaker Toyota has launched a high-performance compact electric car that is designed to service the needs of individuals who require an … Source

Gentex Rearview – The Gentex Rearview Smart Mirror was announced by the brand at CES 2021 as a way to enhance the capabilities of drivers and keep them feeling more […]

Don’t Do Meth In Our Bathroom candle – Wax and Wit Candles, the self-proclaimed “urban candle company,” recently debuted a hilarious yet informative candle. The Don’t Do Me… Source

Meat Print – Arby’s is bringing back its meat print merchandise in time for this year’s gifting season, with its ‘Meatjama Pants’ and &#… Source

Airbnb's Digital K-Pop – Airbnb’s digital K-pop experience is for fans looking for fun while adhering to stay-at-home guidelines. With travel restricted, holiday-adja… Source

clot and polo – CLOT and Polo Ralph Lauren work in collaboration and to showcase the new designs, Edison Chen models the silhouettes. His brand continues to unveil… Source

cryptocurrency app – Kraken, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, has launched an innovative new cryptocurrency app that is designed to place a high prio… Source

cryptocurrency app – Kraken, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, has launched an innovative new cryptocurrency app that is designed to place a high prio… Source

Spaces Feature – Twitter recently expanded its platform offerings with the launch of the new ‘Spaces’ feature. Currently available in an early beta vers… Source

Spaces Feature – Twitter recently expanded its platform offerings with the launch of the new ‘Spaces’ feature. Currently available in an early beta vers… Source

velomobile – A Dutch company by the name of has developed an innovative velomobile that offers high-speed performance thanks to its aerodynamicall… Source

Storm Skull Weather Predictor – The Storm Skull Weather Predictor, as its name suggests, is able to predict the weather and warns of storms ahead of time. The device leverages […]

Harry Potter: Puzzles Spells – Mobile games platform, Zynga Inc. recently announced the launch of ‘Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells’ in Soth Korea. The game is off… Source

sports betting app – ZenSports is an easy-to-use and secure sports betting app that is designed to use tokenization in conjunction with a wide variety of currencies ran… Source

Kawhi Leonard/Fun Guy Size Gloves – Canadian apparel label Roots recently launched a super-sized pair of knit gloves, dubbed the Kawhi Leonard/Fun Guy Size gloves. The new accessory … Source

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Snapscreen – Watching TV solo with a smartphone in hand has become more popular amongst many consumers and has some craving a more social experience, so ‘… Source

This year on July 4th, Independence Day, the Italian Tribune honors Italian Americans that made great contributions during the Revolutionary period and the infancy of America. They all campaigned for […]

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Proof & Wood Ventures 'Presidential Dram' – The Proof & Wood Ventures ‘Presidential Dram’ spirits have been unveiled just in time for Inauguration Day as an option for spirit … […]

RapidReceipt – Epson is introducing a brand-new line of RapidReceipt products to support fast and easy receipt and document scanning. As it’s easy for home … Source

Caught Naked – Bolthouse Farms is offering free, nationwide delivery of smoothies and swag to help ensures its fans don’t get “caught naked.” Fr… Source

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scuba diving helmet – The Hydroid Aquabreather is a futuristic scuba diving helmet that is designed to make use of the chemistry of metal superoxides to make it possible… Source

Workout While You Wait – To give consumers a little extra motivation to meet their New Year’s health goals, El Pollo Loco launched its very first campaign on Tik Tok,… […]

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Jen Ellis – Bernie Sanders made headlines with his utilitarian outfit worn at the 2021 inaugural ceremony – notably the brown wool mittens he donned. The mit… Source

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Renault 5 Prototype – The Renault 5 Prototype has been unveiled by the automotive brand as a potential rendering of what we could see coming to city streets in the […]

Blue Estate Island – Blue Estate Island recently launched the world’s first floating city with accommodations ranging from $20,0.00 to $1.5 billion. Located in th… Source

ZOA Energy – ZOA Energy is a clean energy drink launched by serial entrepreneurs Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi and John Shulman. The beverage boasts … Source

underwater flashlight – The Sea Dragon Mini 1000F is a powerful but surprisingly diminutive and versatile underwater flashlight that is designed to provide a tremendous de… Source

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electric three-wheeler – A Dutch company by the name of EV Mobility is launching a novel electric three-wheeler that is designed to make it possible for a single user to […]

Slanted Whiskey Glass – Those looking for a unique way to drink their alcohol may be drawn to the aesthetically-pleasing and eye-catching Slanted Glass by Glassblower Ben…. Source

Vladimir Cauchemar x Crocs – The Vladimir Cauchemar x Crocs are the latest footwear collaboration from the brand that is likely to be a must-have amongst avid fans of the […]

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Mercedes EQA 250 – The Mercedes EQA 250 electric vehicle has been announced by the brand in Germany as a transportation solution that will provide drivers with access… Source

Indlovu – Indlovu is a South African gin made from “elephant dung.” To begin, the dried feces is dried and put through a sterilization process so… Source

today we rise – Today we Rise from Girl Up is a powerful and simple ad that documents the reactions from girls around the country as they watched Kamala Harris, […]

Body Shape Analytics – 3DLOOK enhances personalization in apparel with the launch of Body Shape Analytics, which will provide companies with greater insight into their cu… Source

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