IDG Contributor Network: Bad beginnings have bad endings

“Mali principii malus finis.”

– Proverb

I like quoting Latin proverbs because it makes me feel smart. It also makes me feel like I am not alone since someone wrote about my situation 2,000 years ago!  Feeling smart and not feeling lonely, however, doesn’t help in getting off to a good start on a project.

There are some situations that, when traced back to their root cause, reveal that they went wrong right from the beginning. If you leave your house and turn left instead of right, you are going to have to reverse course entirely to get where you want to go. (Technically, you could make two rights and another left and be back at home ready to take another left to go right, but you get my point.)  The longer it takes you to figure out you are heading the wrong direction, the longer it will take you to get back on the right path, but at least the right path is still open to you.

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